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With the constitution of the Athletes Commission the athletes are embarking on a new journey into the governance of our sport. We are beginning to take some very important steps into our future. The Athletes Commission is our official international unified voice in helping direct our sport. The Chairman of the WKF Athletes Commission will be a full voting member of the WKF executive board and has the responsibility to advise Council on matters relevant to athletes.This means we have input into the governing of our sport.

We are very excited about this opportunity to have an official international unified voice, to reach all of you with information and providing you an avenue to be heard is both a big opportunity and responsibility.

WKF athletes commission promotes athlete's representation within their sports.

The purpose of the WKF AC is manyfold.

First, to broaden communications within the WKF family.

Second, to advocate the interests of the athletes in all areas of WKF influence and governance.

Third, to foster increased active participation by athletes within the structur of WKF family.

The WKF athletes commission works to provide all athletes with ways to make their point of views heard, to assist in resolving problems they encounter within their activities and very important point to try to find a solution for their life after the sport carrer.

We, the athletes, are embarking on a new journey into the governance of our sport.

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